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One of the oldest and largest roofing contractors in Oklahoma, Nurnberg Roofing remains at the forefront of the roofing industry. For over 30 years, our dedicated employees have built the company’s reputation by providing high performance commercial roofing, residential roofing systems, quality work, and superior customer service. We utilize a substantial amount of the latest technological innovations in the roofing industry with products such as: flat roofs and metal roofing.
From our three locations throughout Oklahoma, Nurnberg Roofing specializes in a broad range of applications such as: Industrial, Government, Health Care, Educational, Retail, Condominiums, Historical Restoration, Commercial Roofing, and Residential roofing projects. Nurnberg Roofing installs a sizeable amount of roofing systems ranging from: new construction, re-roofing, sustainability, restoration, to repairs and roof maintenance programs. Nurnberg Roofing provides affordable, high-quality solutions customized for today’s economy. 
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  1. Keep your roof clean. Debris is one of the leading causes of roof damange and leaks. Ensure that it is free of dead leaves, wayward branches, garbage, and other waste.
  2. Trim overhanging tree branches. If you have trees with branches that hang over your roof, have the branches trimmed. This will greatly reduce the amount of organic debris that ends up on your roof in the first place, making the need for roofing repairs less likely.